Nokia N900 preview: First look

Usually when Nokia makes an Nseries announcement the geek world trembles with excitement, expecting to see the next master of the multimedia realm. Nokia N900 didn't make any exception to this rule though it was pitched for its web browsing prowess more than anything else (at least multimedia-wise).

Or at least so it seemed in the beginning, before anyone actually knew how far Nokia has gone with the user experience on the Maemo 5 platform. Soon after it was first demoed, the N900 was quickly deemed a serious peril to most smartphones out there. It even went as far as threatening Nokia's own Symbian platform.

The Nokia N900 has been so universally positive up so far that it easily turned up high on the wishlist of the tech-inclined. Expectations quickly rose quite high matching its top place in the company portfolio lineup.

Now we've got one and while we're working on a full-featured review as we usually do, we decided to post this quick preview covering Nokia N900 key features. And speaking of those, here's a brief recap of what's under its hood.

The chubby Nokia N900 certainly isn't a handset to answer mainstream tastes but then again all those features rarely come in much smaller packages. The geeks know that and are willing to live with it if the performance is worth it. So now that we have a final version of the handsets on our hands we can check that out.

We are giving you a short preview now, to keep you warm until we are done with the full-fledged review. We will try to cover all aspects of the devices performance there but feel free to drop us a line in the comments if there's anything specific you want to know about it. We aren't making any promises, but will do our best to provide the answers to all questions.


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